It is up to You To Keep This Going

What makes this event so unique is what also makes it potentially dangerous. An organic weekly meetup where car enthusiasts police themselves (with the added benefit of Great Falls boys in blue also policing) allows the freedom to enjoy a parking lot full of cars without the hassle of "big brother." It's the duty and obligation of car enthusiasts attending to police themselves and others to make sure this event lasts well into the future.

Disregard for other businesses, parking signage, noise ordinances, speed limits, and respect for fellow drivers will lead to the dissolution of this popular meetup. Katie's Coffee House faces pressures weekly from local area law enforcement and homeowners to shut down the show due to lack of respect from attendees. This is the home of the people of Great Falls, we're merely their guests. Act accordingly, or you'll be asked to leave.

The Speed Limit is 25MPH down the Pike.

Do not Rev your Engines - Be Quiet.

Do not Run the Yellow Lights.

Do not Park in Handicapped / Coned-Off Spots.

Safety - Rules

The roadways in and around the coffee house weren’t a part of a mislabeled “Autobahn” – they are community roads that connect neighborhoods. Please treat them as such. Noise complaints, disrespectful behavior, engine revving and burnouts and similar acts do nothing positive for the local car community and typically result in only the car meet’s suffering while the offending parties drive away unscathed. Please respect not only the communities around the coffee house, the roads there and the dedicated police officers patrolling the area, but also respect your fellow car enthusiasts by doing your best to dissuade others who may engage in behavior that can and will result in the closure of this popular gathering.


  • Abide by Speed Limits - DO NOT SPEED
  • Do not rev your engines / Do not do loud pulls down the Pike / No burnouts
  • Report offending behavior to the Coffee House Staff
  • Leashed dogs are allowed - pick up after them (pigs aren't allowed - yes, this has happened)
  • Throw your trash away

Parking - Rules

Parking starts in front of the coffee house and wraps around to the parking in the adjacent lots in front of, to the side of, and behind the building housing the coffee house. Coned spots are saved for local business owners and may not be used for parking at the cars and coffee. "But I could be a customer..." No, you're not. Respect the cones. Just looking? Parking around back or across the street at the grocery store is a great alternative. This is definitely not the place to take up more than once space per vehicle.

  • Do not move coned / Do not park in Handicap spaces
  • Do not take up more than one parking spot
  • Evacuate the lot by 9:00AM sharp

Please evacuate the parking lot at 9:00AM sharp as this is the time shops open their doors and need parking for paying clients. Be respectful of shop owners and their clients – while this parking lot serves for your hobby, it is there for their livelihood. Do not park in handicapped spaces unless you are in need. No - "in need of coffee" is not a need. If you do use the spaces, please display the proper signage as required by law.

This Website - Who Runs It

Please note that this website and the corresponding Facebook Page was set up as an informal resource for information regarding the impromptu Saturday morning meet. The events that transpire at that meet caused by individuals or by vehicles attending, leaving, or arriving at that location are not the responsibility of the webmaster nor the coffee house. Those who choose to visit this location do so on their own accord and at their own risk. THIS IS AN UNORGANIZED MEET. This site has the single function of collecting and passing along information as it has been gathered by individuals and other websites. The webmaster of this site is in no way liable for the actions of drivers and visitors at this location, leaving this location, or arriving at this location. Please attend at your own risk. Please be aware of this site’s disclaimer.

  • This website is an unofficial resource of crowd-sourced information
  • This event is not hosted or organized by any official party or business, it is an organic meetup of drivers in the DMV area
  • This website absolves itself and its members from any actions - lawful or otherwise - that transpire at or near the Coffee House
  • You attend this morning car meetup at your own risk to yourself and your property


The Disclaimer

This site is an unofficial fan site for the weekly informal Great Falls Cars and Coffee event. Although we love them, this site is not affiliated with Katie’s Coffee House in any fashion. Our photos are gathered from a variety of sources and used with permission, and we give credit where credit is due. All copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners. The information provided on this site was collected from a variety of sources. This event is not hosted / sponsored / nor controlled by the webmaster. All liability belongs to the drivers and individuals who attend this impromptu meet.