Saturday - 6:00AM - 9:00AM

While that's the coffee house's opening time, many people find themselves showing up a little early to grab a parking spot and watch the rides roll in.

If you do show up early, there are a few tips we'd suggest to keep sane and fair. Please, please don't park in handicap parking spaces unless you do, in fact, need them. If you do need the parking spaces designated for the disabled, please display proper signage as required by your state.

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A Note on Time

If you have a rare, unique or exotic car you’d like to show, you need to be there EARLY. How early you ask? For the weekend: God-awful early. We suggest arriving by 6:30am (or earlier) if you want to find a parking space up front or watch the cars starting to roll in.

Getting up at the crack of dawn will surely leave most cursing their alarm clocks and fighting off hangovers/the aches of morning, but doing so weeds out the majority of the knuckleheads and allows everyone to get on with their day.

If you’re a spectator, the outbound migration starts around 8:30AM with a strict requirement to vacate the lot by 9AM to make way for opening businesses nearby.. A favorite past time activity is standing on the curb to watch and listen to the cars driving off.

Short Story - We don’t want to hear ANY “OMGITSSOOOOEARLY” or any of that whiney crap – just set your alarm, suck it up and get down there!

  Check out the Parking Map