Katie's Coffee House - More than Just Coffee

Katie’s Coffee House, the resident coffee shop from which Katie’s Cars & Coffee draws its name, is essentially the host of the popular car meet. Their dedicated staff is up early every Saturday morning providing hot coffee and sweet doughnuts for early morning attendees. Mike's 'Katie’s Coffee House' is an illy cafe serving coffee, lattes, teas, breakfast sandwiches and fresh baked goods.

After the morning rush, Katie’s Coffee Shop turns into its counterpart – the Old Brogue Inn, an Irish pub. If you attend and Great Falls Cars & Coffee events this season, be sure to swing by Katie’s Coffee House for a warm cup of their delicious coffee especially if you plan on arriving at starting time – you’ll need it!

Katie’s Coffee House is open at 7:00AM on Saturdays and closes at 2:00PM.

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Some Common Questions

Yep! The dedicated teams at the coffee house work every Saturday rain or shine - all year. The only time Katie's is off is when the Saturday falls on a Federal holiday. While the event is rain, snow, sleet, or hail (shout out to the United States Postal Service), the attendees show up at will - meaning we don't keep tabs on who or what shows up when. That said, if the weather is nice and there's no nearby holiday, expect a great turnout.
No - and please don't save spaces. Katie's parking lots reach capacity quickly so saving spots will cause huge bottlenecks - plus, it isn't fair (early bird gets the parking space). Parking spaces that are coned off are done so by direction of the coffee house to enable nearby businesses to reserve parking for clients. Handicap parking spaces are for handicap permitted vehicles only - do not park there unless you have a permit, and if you have a permit, please display it appropriately.
Katie's welcomes all makes and models - hey, even race cars show up from time to time. That said, while we think your 4 door Toyota Carolla is pretty darn neat, it's probably best left in the back lots or across the street. The parking spaces in front of the coffee house are meant for really unique or exotic vehicles. Please refer to the parking diagram under "Show Info" in the menu section.
The town of Great Falls enforces a strict speed limit of 35mph - that goes for the entire stretch of road between the coffee house and the surrounding interstates. Please respect the police officers, the residents of Great Falls, and other drivers by abiding by the speed limits and let those who don't know how to read numbers know that speeding is not permitted at the cars and coffee.

Come One, Come All

Katie's Cars and Coffee prides itself on welcoming anyone and everyone (so long as they abide by the rules) to our coffee house car meet. Swing by and enjoy some pretty awesome machines set to some one-of-a-kind car meet scenery in the heart of Great Falls, VA.

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